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Grinn's Tales

Vol.1 - Genesis

The book "Grinn's tales" is a fantastic collection of story illustrated by ten illustrators. Each of them bring his own vision to one of the story, allowing us to imagine universes and themes as rich and different. Adventure, tragedy, and romance.

Authors : Antoine Rousselot, Arthur Lefièvre, Kristel Faure, Marie Duvoisin, Thomas Agnellet, Manon Leray, Camille Macary, Sara Nativel, Alexis Galichet, Claire Charvet, Julia Petrov, Thomas Tabbaza et Florent Chapelle.
Director of publication : Lionel Forges.
Creative director : Antoine Rousselot.


ARTofGRINN The universal exposition

In this artbook, discover the universal exposition of Grinn. Buildings, inventions and characters: learn to know the universe of Grinn through this city in the city, the symbol of the modern time of our universe.

Author: Antoine Rousselot.
Publication : EODE.
Creative director : Antoine Rousselot.


Gustave Cottonfield

Young Gustave like to live in his imaginary world more than real life. A reality which includes: a mother who wants that her child had responsibilities, A missing father, A primary school teacher who does not understand him, A class which rejects the difference...
Gustave sometime leave the real life accompanied with Taheu, his teddy bear. In this imaginary world this one is transformed into a terrible but protective monster. And now one day appears Kapoué.

Author : Arthur Lefièvre.
Publication : Lionel Forges.
Creative : Antoine Rousselot.